Apple can hurt your health!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't put a lot of faith in charts that tell us whether someone is considered overweight, obese or morbidly obese. First of all, if someone is overweight chances are they already know it and if they don't they probably don't care too much about that. Secondly, there is a body of science that backs the notion that an "apple shaped body" posies greater health risks than a "pear shaped body" so the height and weight of someone may not tell the whole story about their risk factor for developing a chronic condition. That is, if you have excessive fat around your gut (apple shape) you are at greater risk for developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or both! Visceral or organ fat can interfere with metabolism rendering it harmful to your health. The other type of fat cell called superficial fat located throughout the rest of the body does not pose any harm except to the eye or ego for some. Measuring waist circumference can provide another metric to assist in reducing the risks for developing a chronic condition. Men should be measured under 40" and women under 35". So ask your Provider to add this biometric to your annual physical exam if they are not already doing it.

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