Don't forget to Laugh

Generally, when we think about health we think about nutrition, exercise, sleep etc and not about humor and laughter; but they are just as important! There is an old adage that tells us that "a merry heart does good like a medicine." The psychologist and author Harvey Mindess stated that "humor and laughter are agents of psychological liberation" that free us from the constraints of daily living and make us more joyful; how true! Science backs these claims with research that shows an increase in antibodies and cells that fight infection as well as a reduction in damaging stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. So if you are thinking about improving overall health explore the ways in which you can increase your laughter and add humor to your life! Here are a few strategies to add these life saving agents. First, explore areas where you can add humor or laughter to your activities of daily living. Then think, do I know any funny people who I can have regular contact with? Can I read funny quotes, books or watch a funny DVD where I can find humor and laughter? For me, the commitment to add humor and laughter came in the form of a routine to watch a comedy or a stand-up comedic routine on Netflix every Friday or Saturday night. I agree with Harvey, that this routine is liberating but I would also add that it is contagious for other members of the family as well! So add humor to your life and don't forget to laugh for your health!

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