Have you heard about "clean eating"

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

I recently read in the "Diabetes Self-Management" magazine this notion of clean eating. The article suggests that in just 10 easy steps you can achieve "clean eating". That is, avoiding or limiting processed and refined foods and replacing them with whole plant based foods. There is a growing body of research that suggests the many benefits to eating plant based meals can be achieved like weight loss, better levels of energy, improved skin & hair, better sleep and emotional well-being as well as reduced blood pressure, levels of blood sugar and reduced incidence for breast and colon cancers. So here are the 10 steps to choose which ones you are willing to follow to "Eat Clean":

1) choose whole foods like eating an orange rather than drinking the juice 2) avoid foods in the can and box; choose frozen if you can not find fresh 3) eat more veggies and fruits at each meal 4) read food labels to avoid excessive added salt and sugars 5) eat balance meals - the plate method described in other posts will assist you

6) space your meals out and eat regularly to avoid blood sugar spikes 7) drink more water and limit sugary drinks like commercial juices and soda 8) plan your meals and meal prep 9) eat mindfully - be aware of what you are ingesting, if not, write it down to improve awareness 10) be realistic, no one can eat clean 100% of the time so shoot for 80% and you will be eating clean according to the experts!! For most of us, our health depends upon it.

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