Holiday Eating Guide

With the holiday season here, it is easy to get swept away with all of the festivities. The office parties, festivities, and family gatherings mean overeating especially on foods that are high in calories, fats and sugars. It may seem like a little, but by eating 200 calories extra from foods like a piece of pie, a glass of eggnog, or a couple pieces of sugar/butter cookies, you could pack on easily two to three pounds over the course of the holidays. Few people may shed that extra weight in the following months and years to come, while for others it may lead to more weight gain.

On the other hand, you do no need to deprive yourself of your favorite holiday foods and eat only boring foods, or feel guilty. Instead, by practicing mindful eating you can enjoy the holidays without weight gain or having to go on a diet as one of your New Year’s resolutions. Here are some helpful tips to help you through the holidays.

Plan your plate. Don’t eat everything at feasts and parties. Be choosy and spend calories judiciously on the foods you love.

Take breaks between meals. It takes a few minutes for your stomach to signal to your brain that you are full. After eating your first round of meal, take a break, go mingle with others. Drink some water before going

for seconds.

Don’t go to parties with an empty stomach. Before setting out for a party, eat something so you don’t arrive extremely hungry. Eat something light like whole crackers, fruits and mixed nuts.

Dance the night away. Make sure to get on the dance floor at the parties. It is a great way to work off some of the calories you ate.

Make half your plate vegetables. At parties and dinner events, make sure to include vegetables as they are lower in calories, high in fiber, and packed with antioxidants. Try to however, avoid veggies that are smothered in fats.

Be wise with buffets. Check out the entire buffet options before making your selection. Take small portions.

Above all, enjoy the holidays but always remember that moderation is KEY!


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