Prediabetes; A false sense of security

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

There is an estimated 84 million Americans who have prediabetes and about 90% of them don't know they have it! But what about those who are diagnosed with having a fasting blood sugar above 99 but below the diabetic diagnostic range of an FBS over 126 mg/dl Unfortunately, statistically a significant number of pre-diabetic individuals, within 5 years, will go on to develop diabetes and require medication. It appears that the diagnosis of "pre-diabetes" therefore might be providing individuals with a false sense of security. That is, interrupting pre-diabetes as a warning light rather than a flashing red light! First, the risk for developing a macro-vascular consequence like (heart disease or stroke) are the same for diabetes and pre-diabetes. Secondly, there is a growing body of research from the CDC that pre-diabetes is "reversible ONLY with intensive lifestyle changes". As a certified diabetic educator, intensive means a full-time commitment to improving the quality of the amount of nutrient dense foods on your diet as well as increasing the consistency of physical activity you engage, each day. The diagnoses of pre-diabetes is your body screaming a warning signal and giving you a chance to change the trajectory of the path you are on to developing the chronic condition, diabetes. I urge you to please listen!

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