Health and Politics

By now, I think it might be clear to most of us that health and politics are more closely linked and go hand and hand. into a "package of stakeholders".

So, who are the "stakeholders" and what role does each play in helping address our individual health? What happens when one or more of these stakeholders are absent? Questions like these come to mind when thinking about achieving and maintaining our health!

First, let's make a list of who these "stakeholders" are: patients ( that's us) , clinicians (doctors, nurses, CDE's, therapist etc), health systems (clinics. doctor offices, hospitals etc) and payors ( insurance companies, medicare, out of pocket expenses etc). It is not hard therefore to see that if one or more of these stakeholders are missing OR the quality of a stakeholder is less than optimal it may be difficult or even impossible to achieve and maintain our health! These are the four pieces of the healthcare puzzle that must fit together in order for us to have quality, cost-effective medical care!

Thus it is important that first WE must accept the responsibility for our own health and self-management. That means that reducing risks for chronic conditions by eating healthy, exercising, managing stress without drugs, alcohol or cigarettes and getting adequate quality sleep should be a lifestyle that we strive to achieve each day. Remember being "perfect" doesn't matter, but consistency does!

Secondly, next year we will have the opportunity to vote for the existing or new Administration. When we go to the polls to vote in 2020 I urge all of us to think about the other "stakeholders" and decide which administration is more likely to provide affordable and quality health care that we all need and deserve. All stakeholders have to be committed to this cause........our HEALTH truly depends upon it!


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