Taste the Rainbow! (But we don't mean skittles)

Did you know that foods have healing power? Did you know that certain foods can strengthen your body’s defenses against different diseases? Did you know that certain foods can even slow down the aging process? Well, the Greek philosopher Hippocrates did. In fact, he was among the earliest to understand the correlation between food and disease. He even coined the phrase "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” This sounds so easy doesn't it? But, more often than not, we choose foods based on how they taste, how much they cost, and how convenient they are to prepare. In fact, food manufacturers have done a great job of creating foods that are inexpensive, quick to cook, and high in sugar, fat, and salt. And boy, don't they taste good! Starches, fats, and sweets are the least expensive foods in the diet and they are also sometimes the tastiest, so it’s easy to see why we lean towards brown/beige or artificially colored foods. Sure, they may fill us up (temporarily) and cost less, but they also carry a substantial health cost due to highly refined carbohydrates and deficiency in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that we find in abundance when we eat more plant-based foods. To support a healthy lifestyle, we encourage you to spend a little less time in the cracker, cereal, and cookie aisles, and more time in the colorful vegetable and fruit aisles. Eating from a colorful array of foods can help to prevent and manage chronic disease, ward off cancer and inflammation, boost mood, improve memory, and contribute to weight loss or weight maintenance. (And this is just a short list of benefits). The bottom line is, you can prevent chronic disease though eating and it doesn't have to take a big effort. Small steps can lead to big changes in your overall health and well-being. So go ahead....Taste the Rainbow...

For more information and tips on how to taste the rainbow every day, visit Food Revolution Network at https://foodrevolution.org/blog/eating-the-rainbow-health-benefits/

Nature's skittles

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