"we become what we celebrate"

I recently read "we become what we celebrate" in a book, unrelated to physical health but understood it's relevance to the lifestyle choices we make each day toward achieving our health potential. This also made me think of Gandhi's assertion that we need to "be careful about what we think because our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions and our actions become our habits". I believe that in order to "celebrate" health our thoughts, words and actions need to reflect the importance of achieving health as a priority in our lives. When health is a priority then our lifestyle choices/actions about what we choose to eat, whether we find time to exercise each day, manage our stress or work toward a good quality of sleep becomes less of a struggle and part of the process to develop healthy habits. Of course, no one is expected to be perfect all of the time because habits form during the learning process over a period of time not as an event. We need however to start the "celebration" sooner rather than later if we want to avoid developing chronic conditions as we age! Thus, start by thinking about one small lifestyle change that you are willing to make and turn it into a healthy habit. For example, you might increase you water intake each day by 8 ounces if you don't drink enough water, or add one serving of vegetables at lunchtime 5 days a week if you need to eat more vegetables. Whatever actions you take toward turning these lifestyle changes into healthy habits start small to achieve consistency; consistency is key. Then find motivation and let the CELEBRATION begin!!!

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