What is the Plate Method?

The plate method is a simple model that assists in creating balanced meals. This method has been endorsed by the government and by the American Association of Diabetic Educators, American Diabetes Association and other experts because it works! The plate method, unlike the previous "eating pyramid" is easy and works for most adult individuals. It an also work for children but the quantities differ throughout the lifespan so my description is for adults. The plate method breaks a normal 9" dinner plate into parts: 1/2 of the plate all non-starchy vegetables, 1/3 protein and 1/3 carbohydrates from any source. These qualities provide the average adult with nutrient dense quantities of vegetables, adequate amounts of protein (which for most means less saturated fats from all animal products) and just enough carbs to provide energy for a moderately active adult. This simple plate method can also assist in a natural way to reduce consumption at each meal to lose and maintain your weight. I like the plate method because it is a more natural way of making sure you get enough nutrients without any restrictions and helps promote a greater intake of vegetables for vitamins, minerals and fiber, and reduce carbs which put on weight and saturated fats which reduces dietary cholesterol. As a certified diabetic educator this method made my task of teaching nutrition and healthy eating to individuals with pre-diabetes, diabetes and other chronic conditions much easier. Thus I'm sure you will find it easy as well. So try it....what do you have to lose?

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