Chronic Disease Education Consultants


With over 30 years of combined experience, the Consultants at CDEC, LLC provide chronic disease education through cooking demonstration to improve knowledge, competence and skills with one goal in mind……


At CDEC, LLC we offer a variety of services regardless of project size.  We meet you where you are, and through data-driven collaboration help you get you where you want to be. Our consultants provide a variety of customized cooking demonstrations with evidence-based education that are culturally sensitive with a holistic approach.

Our Vision 

To be the trusted resource for chronic disease management

Our Mission

To work in partnership with organizations and individual groups to provide onsite healthy cooking demonstrations with evidenced-based health promotion education for disease prevention that improves health outcomes and promote overall well-being

Our Collective Goal

Achieving Better Health Outcomes Together.

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Cooking for Health!

Nutrition wellness workshops are being conducted for the Houston Airport System.  The workshops focus on healthy cooking made easy and incorporates plant-based food items, whole-grains, and understanding food labeling.  Results of the workshops demonstrate increase in knowledge and possible behavior change indicators long-term.