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With over 30 years of combined experience, the Consultants at CDEC, LLC provide chronic disease education through cooking demonstration to improve knowledge, competence and skills with one goal in mind……


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Healthy, Delicious Sample Course Recipes

Delicious Green Apple Surrounded By Waist Measurement Tape For The Delicious After Dinner Sweet Apple Treat Apple Turnover Turn Over Cobbler Pie
Apple Turnover Treat
Three Lovely Quick Meal Snack Appetizer Dinner Late Lunch Fast Recipe Open Face Sandwich Satisfying Salty Sweet Bread Crusty
Radish Open Faced Sandwich
Beautiful Asparagus Spears Next To A Brown Wicker Hot Plate Ready To Be Sautéed Into A Tasty Delicious Quick 15 Minute Appetizer Snack Dinner Side
Asparagus Treat
Very Filling Berry Smoothie

Cooking For Health!

We conduct nutrition wellness workshops for all size clients, including the Houston Airport System.  The workshops focus on healthy cooking made easy and incorporates plant-based food items, whole-grains, and understanding food labeling.  Results of the workshops demonstrate increase in knowledge and possible behavior change indicators long-term.